Featured Archer #2

Archer of the Month

Janice joined TAA in 2016 and has shown incredible passion for the sport!

“I initially took up archery out of boredom following my PSLE exams. After enjoying a funshoot at school, I found the sport intriguing and decided to give it a try.

Joining TAA was a natural choice for me since it’s located near our home in Beauty World and my mom signed me up for a trial lesson.

One of my fondest memories in archery is from the Cebu Competition in 2023. Participating in my first 70m competition abroad, I maintained a realistic mindset, focusing on enjoying the experience and perfecting my form rather than solely on winning. To my surprise, I achieved better results than expected, which boosted my confidence and reaffirmed the effectiveness of my training. This moment ignited my desire to pursue further achievements in archery.

Looking ahead, I aspire to continue refining my skills and aim to compete internationally, representing Singapore in World Cups and stages.”

Let’s continue to support and cheer on Janice as she pursue her archery dreams! Keep aiming high and shooting for the stars!

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